Ecpayroll System, Time Attendance

ECTA / ecPayroll is a smart attendance and interest-grain system, which can help management to effectively monitor the performance of staff attendance and attendance data is calculated based on the employee's salary, save the complicated calculations and human error, and thus enhance the company's productivity. 

The operating system software on the Windows operating system, in response to customer needs with different brand models attendance , such as inductive card reader, fingerprint or palm-type machine to record attendance data, analyze employee performance, according to the information accurate calculating salaries, convenient and accurate, thus greatly reducing the work of the Ministry of Personnel and accounting department. 

With the growing popularity of network applications, the system has also developed a number of network applications, make full use of the advantages of the Internet, such as: punch-line, online rostering, e-Leave System, email pay slips, etc., to improve work efficiency and reduce paper waste. 

There are different versions of the system fit the needs of the industry environment, including offices, factories, restaurants, chain stores and even no fixed place of punch card industry, we can provide an effective solution.With this addition, we are able to meet the needs of different company sizes from SMEs with less than 20 to over a hundred medium-sized enterprises, as well as thousands of factory workers in mainland China, we can provide the necessary time and attendance solution. 



ecTimer analog punch clock software can be used with desktop smart card reader or a fingerprint sensor for punch attendance purposes. On the computer screen will show the current time, the staff simply connected smart card placed near or on the computer will be recorded immediately by the finger reader, computer punch card data to the data of the second hangar ready for viewing, printing, and export to MS EXCEL for further information analysis.

ecTimeBoy is an easy to operate, with a variety of different series of intelligent punch card machines (including fingerprint and palm-shaped machine) while software programs in place to provide punch card records to download, store, search, print, and export to MS EXCEL and other related functions . More information ...

ecTA Basic suited for relatively fixed working hours (such as general office) of the company, it not only can automatically download data from the attendance punch card machines, more computable late, absent, overtime, etc., is an ideal solution for the implementation of computerized attendance.

ecTA can handle complex rostering arrangements (such as transportation, food and beverage industry), and supports simultaneous use of multiple appraisal methods, such as overnight or even complicated overtime, flexible working hours and other issues can easily cope with, deal with leave matters even easier. With time and attendance functions, personnel management is the standard built-in feature.

ecPayroll including personnel ecTA addition, the time and attendance functions, but also daily wage work, by the calculation of salary, calculate the MPF, the silver autopay, electronic filing may also be single-handedly.