Biometric System

Face Recognition System

 The Stand alone Terminal is a Near-Infrared face recognition system that doesn’t require a connection to pc and includes embedded hardware, which makes the terminal more secure, stable, and cheaper as full solution. Besides the embedded hardware, the Stand alone Terminal includes also a LCD screen, an RFID reader and an effective key menu. All this in a very stylish design. The Standalone Terminal makes it also possible to register yourself at the terminal, which makes it easier for everyone.


Benefits: This near-infrared terminal is a great reliable and appealing terminal as it includes a color screen, embedded hardware, and an effective key menu and card reader for double check. The prime advantage of this solution is that it requires no connection to a PC, and therefore more reliable and secure. It also is easily integrated or mounted on a wall and takes up very little space or power. The system also provides an easy registration and data display solution. With the RFID reader, anyone already using an entrance card, can continue using it to get even faster access, or if forgotten can use their face only for identification.



Sagem offers a range of products based on an automated fingerprint identification system called AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System). Sagem AFIS can be used both for administering citizen’s rights, with MORPHO civil AFIS and for police services, with METAMORPHO. With more than 20 years experience in automated fingerprint processing technology, Sagem has become the world leader in this field. The system is already used in over forty countries and has an 80% share of the civil AFIS on the market. In fact, Sagem offers the most advanced fingerprint reading and searching technology, which allows the management of extremely large databases, the effectiveness of internationally recognised biometric algorithms, fast access to information, ease of use, as well as inter-AFIS communication at local, national and international levels.



is a fingerprint identification terminal for physical access control. Designed to create or reinforce security systems, it has all the interfaces (RS 485, Wiegand, etc.) required for it to be integrated with new or existing access control systems. In one small box, the terminal has all the components needed to read the fingerprints, store the fingerprints of up to 48,000 people and identify an individual. It can operate in identification or authentication mode.


is a multi-function fingerprint identification terminal. It has an extremely wide range of applications:

- pension payment 
- customs check 
- loyalty programme 
- physical access control 
- system for clocking in and out of work 
- enrolment 
- etc... 
The terminal has been created to allow our partners to develop their own application software easily. The Software Development Kit provides all the tools required to create a customised application. These same tools allow access to all the terminal resources (hardware and software).