Commodity: BENDER (Germany) Insulation Monitors & Insulation Fault Location Systems

Models: IR145Y, IRDH265, IRDH365 series Insulation Monitoring Device;

EDS470 Insulation Fault Location Systems


1. BENDER (Germany) Insulation Monitoring Device:

BENDER Insulation Monitoring Devices are designed for electrical systems to prevent hazards (includes hazards to people and to critical equipment) caused by earth leakage and system aging. Basic theory is to monitor the insulation resistance value, when the insulation resistance is lower than the pre-set value(s), then it will send the alarm message. IRDH265 & IRDH365 series provide two adjustable pre-set values (Response Value & Critical Value), and can provide pre-alarm or critical alarm.

AC systems can be protected by installing RCDs, and it will trip for protection. In DC systems and electrical systems with SCRs or electronic components, it is difficult to find suitable “Leakage Protection Device”; however, even such device can be found, the accuracy is very low due to various factors.

BENDER Insulation Monitoring Device Advantages:

a. Wide applications, including pure AC system, DC system, AC system with DC components, AC system with electronic actuators and AC system with variable frequency;

b. High accuracy;

c. Two adjustable response values provide pre-alarm, and avoid unnecessary tripping of MCBs or RCDs;

d. with contact relay and / or RS485 interface.

IR145Y Applications:

l Industrial control systems

l Automotive industry

l Machine control systems

l Control systems in power plants and power supply companies

l Computer systems

l Mobile controls

l Elevator controls

l Lighting and battery system

IRDH265, IRDH365 Applications:

l Three-phase systems with converter drives

l DC systems with power converters or direct DC converters

l Mixed AC/DC supply systems

l UPS systems

l Heaters with phase control

l Systems with switched-mode power supply

l Systems with very high leakage capacitances

2. BENDER EDS470 Insulation Fault Location Systems:

The insulation fault location system EDS470 is designed for IT systems. Fast fault location, during operation, immediately after the occurrence of an insulation fault, without disconnecting the system.

Advantages of the EDS470 system

l Insulation fault location without disconnecting the system;

l Reduction in costs because of reduced production stoppages;

l Reduced maintenance costs due to fast localization of insulation faults;

l Improved preventive and scheduled maintenance;

l Higher availability of power supply thanks to diminished interruption.

System characteristics

l Universal system concept for all IT-systems AC/DC24-690V;

l Modular design, therefore easily adaptable to the individual conditions of the system;

l Measuring current transformers in various sizes and types of construction;

l Monitors and controls up to 360 CT branches;

l Information exchange between the individual components takes place via RS485 interface (two-wire);

l Indication of the faulty branch;

l Indication of the test current flowing in each branch.

Basic components of the system

An EDS470 system consists of:

l Control and indicating device PRC470

l Insulation fault test device PGH471

l 1 to 30 insulation fault evaluators EDS470-12

l Respective number of measuring current transformers