Access Control System

We are keeping a view of rapid growth and increasing demand for security solutions, to provide the best access control system. As one of the leading solution provider of access control system in Hong Kong & China, we have been striving to seek perfection, convenience and high technology in this field. We have provided total solutions for access control system such as Magnetic card system, RF-IC card system, Handkey system and Fingerprint identification system. We are dedicated to developing technology that provides a more secure and convenient world for our future generations. Thank you !!


The HandKey II provides the security and convenience you need at a price you can afford, even when compared to card-based systems. With the field-proven hand geometry technology, The HandKey II uses low-level infrared light and a camera to capture an image of the hand. The unit then converts the image to an electronic pattern that is stored in a database along with the user ID number. It maps and verifies the size and shape of a person's hand all in less that one second. Because your hand is your card, HandKey II allows access only to authorized people without the hassles of a card or key. By eliminating cards, you reduce administrative costs while greatly increasing the level of security. Users appreciate the convenience of never worrying about keeping track of a card or key.

Features of the HandKey II include:

  • Door operation and monitoring 
  • Card reader input 
  • Request for exit 
  • Tamper switch 
  • Memory expansion from 512 (standard) to 32,512 users 
  • RS-232 printer output 
  • Stand alone or networked operation 
  • Card reader emulation mode 
  • Integrated wall mount design 
  • Multiple auxiliary inputs and outputs 
  • 62 users defined time zones 
  • Outdoor version available 
  • Optional modem or Ethernet module

Feature : 
Easy to access electronic control modules.
Modules plug-in electronic provides for easy and quick repair.
Programmable electronic selection i.e. Auto relock after a predeterminie time if no action is detect.
Units remain unlocked during power failure or safty switch is activated.
Customized size & finishes available on request.
Our turnstiles are made of high-grade steel.
The arm rotates easily and is engineered to be extremely quiet.
Internal parts are hardened for many years of reliable service.

The Lot Turnstile is intended for division by one of visitors flows at facilities with strict access control requirements - airports, railroad and subway stations and terminals, industrial and security facilities, stadiums, entertainment complexes etc.

The turnstile features enhanced vandal resistance and safe blocking of the passageway. With several turnstiles lined up, they form the passageway area without additional guide barriers.

The turnstile design allows mounts of any types of card readers, coin operated devices etc.

In the single passage mode, only one person can pass through the turnstile in the allowed direction. After each passage, the rotor makes a smooth turn to its home position with the aid of the damper mechanism, following which the rotor is securely blocked.

Whenever necessary, the multiple passage mode (for several people) in the desired direction can be set. For free two-way passage, the free passage mode is used.

Specification :
Size : 1150mm(W) X 1000mm(H) X 800mm(D)
Weight : 140kg
Working Temperature : -20 - 70 degree
Power : 220V + 10%
Operation Power : VDC12V
Gate Through Size : 500 mm